4 Tips For Women Who Work At Home

Nothing can be as enjoyable for a woman as working from the comfort of your home. You can imagine having to work and get paid even as you watch your kids grow. However, this can come with a fair share of challenges. You can imagine having to work on a project that has a tight deadline and your kid is crying.  However, there are tips that you can use to ensure that you are effective as a work-from-home mum. Let us look at the 4 most important tips.

1. Don’t do house chores during working hours

Don’t do house chores during working hours

Don’t do house chores during working hours

As a woman who is working from home, you will be dangling two different responsibilities at the same time-The role of a worker and that of a mother/wife. You will need to set time for each of the two roles. When you wear the garment of the employee, you will need to avoid handling your house chores. On the other hand, when it comes to the hours that you have set aside for house chores, you will need to concentrate on it without having to attend to your role as an employee. Even if you have your desk close to your kitchen, you definitely don’t work in the kitchen. Every moment that you will spend folding the clothes is a moment that you will not be closing on a particular deal.

However, the fact that you don’t have to do chores during your working hours doesn’t give you a reason to work in a cluttered space. You must ensure that you have a tidy and neat office. One of the best ways of keeping your home office tidy is by emptying your garbage and ensuring that you don’t place food on your desk.

You will need to put in place specific measures that will enable you to separate your duties as a mom from the work-related task. Some of these measures include:

  • Put your workstation in another room apart from the living room. You can have the TV in an alternative room and maintain its volume low to ensure that you have company. However, you must avoid sitting to watch the TV unless it is during lunch break
  • Avoid opening emails after 7 pm or even during weekend. In fact opening the email wouldn’t help as you cannot do much when you are out of the office hours.
  • Exercise before starting your day
  • Add a flower or plant on your desk to avoid feeling isolated
  • In case you are feeling overwhelmed and has a lot of domestic chore to handle, ensure that you have allotted time before starting your day and ensure that you have finished your work by 4.30.PM. When you have an overstretched mind or a cluttered one, it will be difficult for you to be productive.
  • Do not attempt to work from your kitchen table and instead find a room or area that you can call your own and ensure that you pull the door at night after you have completed.

2. Have enough rest

Have enough rest

One of the major mistakes that most work from home women make is to imagine that they will be more productive when they burn the midnight oil. However, this is not the case and people are likely to be more productive when they get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Some of the moments when you are likely to be more productive are during the morning hours. Therefore, you should make it your goal to sleep before 10 pm and ensure that you are awake by five or six in the morning. However, you can change this schedule to suit you need but the most important thing is to ensure that you are getting enough rest.

This will help you to feel more energetic and better. Getting one or two more hours of sleep at night will also help you to be more productive as compared to when you spend the time prying your eyeballs in order to do more work.

3. Say no where necessary

A common mistake that most women working at home make is to avoid saying no. This is because they fear that they are likely to lose a big opportunity and they even worry of what other people are likely to think of them. However, it is important as a working from home woman to learn to say no without feeling guilty where you feel that a particular opportunity is going to require time that you do not have or may oblige you in a way that you will not feel comfortable. Also be ready to say no if you are uncomfortable with the opportunity or you feel that it is not the right fit for you, your business or your family.

As a freelancer working from home, you can feel the temptation to pitch too many assignments and commit to work on them all when they are awarded to you. However, this may end up doing you more than good as you are likely to be stressed and you may end up annoying all your clients as you may be unable to meet their deadlines.

Before you can commit to any job, you should count what it will cost you. Is there anything that you will be required to give up to do that thing or attend an event or participate in a project or write a post? Is this worth whatever you are giving up? In case you happen not to be 100 percent sure; it is time to say no. However, the manner in which you say no is also important. You do not have to let your employer or client feel bad. Ensure that you are as polite as possible. Start by checking your plate and whether it is possible to shuffle your request. Only say no only when you feel that there is need to do so. Also ensure that you are honest and upfront on why you answered in the negative.

It is also important to avoid leaving your client with false hopes. You will also need to realize that you client may not be happy. He may decide to burn bridges or even punish you in one way or another. Remember that while it is possible to influence how they react, it is not possible to control that. Therefore, the best you can do is to adjust your expectations. Remember that it is not possible to please everyone.

4. Do one task at a time

When you concentrate on one task at a time, it is easier to work in an efficient manner. Therefore, shut all surrounding noise and focus on a single thing at a time. If it is time to email, you will need to email first. Ensure that you attend to each email at a time in order of their priority. If you want to research something, ensure that you concentrate on doing the research. When you concentrate on one task at a time, it is possible to learn where to take a break or stop for the day.

With these tips, it is easy to achieve success as a woman who is working from home.