8 Different Tools For Successful Office Working


It can be a joy to see your small business grow to a level where you can have an actual office. However, you will now need to think about the important office tools that are essential for the smooth running of your business. With the right kind of office tools, it is possible to enhance the productivity of your employees. While there has been an increase in the popularity of technology in the recent past, there are certain office supplies that have remained popular. However, these will depend on the industry where your business operates as well as the nature of tasks that have to be done by your employees. Despite the wide range of office items, there are some important tools that are used in all organizations no matter their area of operation. Here are some of the must have office tools that will enable the successful running of your office.

1. Stationery


All offices will need stationery. These include items that are used to write as well as put documents in order. Some of the must have stationery include pen, papers, erasers, pencil, folders, glue, notepads and staplers. These items require to be used daily and this is the reason that many organizations order them in bulk. On top of this, it can be cheaper to buy your stationery in bulk. Many big companies also like to have their name included in stationery such as pens and notepads so as to offer that personalized touch to the officer stationery.

2. Computers and technology


Computers play an important role in any office and this means that employees will require a laptop or PC to use. On top of this, there are many computers that remain connected to the internet and this enables employees to communicate easily with one another both within and outside that organization, use different software and tool and ensure that they remain updated with the latest happening in each respective field. Today, computers play an important role just like the papers and it is for this reason that they are widely used in all organizations. It is the role of the user to choose from a laptop, workstation computer or desktop depending on the work nature, issues of confidentiality and employee’s preference.

Whether you have a powerful mobile or a tablet, a PC or laptop can make it easier to run your business. This is because you will need to balance your bank account and even launch some marketing campaigns and these may call for some advanced software. On top of the great functionality that comes with a PC, you can also store important documents or back up the mobile device in case you are uncomfortable with storing your data in cloud. You should also not forget to buy a printer as well as a wireless router.

No matter the device that you will be using, you will need software as well as apps that will make it possible to manage the business. These should also make it possible for you to handle certain tasks such as tracking the client invoice, tracking payments by customers, maintaining blog or web and monitoring your presence in the social media.

3. Scanners


The role of the scanner is to bridge between the conventional world and the digital world as it converts photos and documents into a digital format. You can use the scanner to scan your paper document, posters, photos, magazines and other print materials. One of the major benefits of using the paper scanner is that it can be easy to use across different geographical locations on top of making it easier to edit the digital documents. It is for this reason that many organizations extensively use scanners in their day to day operations.

4. Photocopiers

Just like the name implies, the role of a photocopier is to make copies of various documents and can be used to make colored as well as the grayscale document copies. The photocopier is a device that is commonly used and nearly all types of organizations have various photocopiers in their offices. Most of the copiers that are available in the market today use the xerography technology, which uses heat to make copies. The technological advancements have made it possible for the creation of a document that integrates photocopiers, printers and scanners.

5. Printers


The role of a printer is to convert the digital documents into prints. The printer will accept the feeds from computer before printing them. These are able to print both text docs as well as images. Printers can be divided into two broad categories, black & white printers and the color printers. The color printers are the most popular option.

On top of these 2 broad categories, printers are of various cost, sizes, speed, resolution and the user will make a choice of one depending on their need. Before you can go out to purchase a printer, you will need to consider the features that you will need.

6. Laminator

A laminating machine or laminator is used to offer that protective covering for documents. The machine can laminate a single page or a document consisting of multiple pages. The goal of the laminator is to ensure that documents are protected from damage or wrinkles as a result of tears and spills. These are also a great choice for improving the overall text, image and color of documents,

Laminating machines are of 2 kinds. These can be grouped as cold laminators and hot laminators. Your choice of a laminator will depend on the document’s nature. In case the document is made of a heat sensitive material, it is advisable to select a cold laminator.

7. Paper shredders


A paper shredder is a mechanical device that is used to shred papers into some small pieces. Their role is to cut the confidential documents into pieces so that they don’t get into wrong hands. This is also key part of any organization’s privacy policy so as to prevent fraud or even identity theft when using the company’s confidential information.

Shredders are available in different prices and sizes and the right shredder choice will depend on the company’s size as well as the nature of its business. Shredders can be divided into different kinds such as hammer mills, strip-cut shredders, paper mashers and grinders. One disadvantage of a strip-cut shredder is that it is not secure as it leaves pieces that fraudsters can still piece together to get the necessary information. A paper masher is the safest type of paper shredder. It ensures that all papers have been mashed completely making it impossible to fraudsters to use them.

8. Catering supplies

This is one of the key essentials that are commonly overlooked. Some of the important catering supplies include paper cups, paper plates, tea, sugar, coffee, creamers, filter papers, coffee maker and cutlery. It is important for your employees to take a break from work to refresh and even catch up with coworkers. A good idea is for them to take the break during a cup of coffee or tea. Therefore it is important to ensure that the organization has the necessary supplies that will assist them to enjoy during their break.

Just like it the case with office stationery, the users will save money when they order the items in bulk. However, for the food items such as sugar and coffee creams, these should be ordered monthly