Choosing your own paper shredder

Nowadays, personal information can be stolen by using an online system. Also, the paper which you threw away is one of the fastest ways for a stranger to get the information. In fact, there are a number of people who spend all day rummaging the garbage to find others’ personal information. For example, your account numbers, credit card numbers or social security number. When your personal information has been stolen, it’s very challenging to fix all the results.


One problem is that people often forget about this important machine which make their workplace become inconvenient. You should buy one in order to use for working whenever you want. However, when going to the store or searching on the Internet, you will get a variety of information about the paper shredder which make you confuse. Therefore, we recommend some main factors so that you can pick up one for yourself.


The paper shredder is separated into two main types for customers: strip-cut and cross cut.

  1. STRIP-CUT:  This type will cut the ribbons out into vertical slices when you want to shred one paper.
  2. CROSS-CUT: On the other hand, cross-cut attacks the page using both vertical and horizontal slices. However, cross-cut paper shredders are better than because someone may collect all the pieces of strip-cut paper and stick back together.

Recommendation: We suggest that you should pay some extra money for maximizing the cut. And never consider buying it a cheap paper shredder because it will get broken after using for a long time. When you shred out the paper, people will get that this thing is potentially important to you. Try to use a high-quality machine because people who have a strip-scanner can recreate these documents in just 10 seconds.


When you had bought your paper shredder, the next thing to keep in mind is where to put this shredder. Are you going to place it in the kitchen or next to the desk? The place to put this machine not only affects the overall size, but the frequency of using as well.

Recommendation: If available space is not a big problem, find a wide position for putting it. Otherwise, just place it under your desk so that you can use it whenever you want.


A normal paper shredder can cut out four sheets every time you function. People who want to handle about 30 sheets at one time can choose to spend more money on the industrial paper shredder. Therefore, just think about how many sheets you need to shred at this time to pick up one appropriate shredder.

Recommendation: If you intend to buy the cross-cut shredder, look for the model which can handle up to 20 sheets in one period of time. On the other hand, the time for shredding paper is also important to consider. Choose a shredder with a longest functioning time when you have a large number of small documents to shred.


Shredder often attacks paper and plastic. Otherwise, some shredders can handle more than that. Some professional shredders have the ability to mutilate your CDs, DVDs and your credit cards additionally.

Recommendation: everyone should have one shredder which can cut out these types of thing above. To illustrate, you can buy the cross-cut or the model of micro-cut. However, consider carefully about the place to put this paper shredder when you have children. Remember to unplug it when you are not using so that the kids won’t break it.


One more thing is about the sound of your paper shredder. There are various shredders with useful features for people who can afford the price. For instant, this machine will automatically stop when someone’s hand is getting closer. Moreover, the level of noise is lower compared to average shredders.

In conclusion, it’s good that you take a look at these tips above before picking your own paper shredder. They will help in some cases, believe me! Also, you can look for more recommendations on the internet in order to get one appropriate machine.