Cleaning Tips for your Paper Shredder

Having a paper shredder nowadays is compulsory for many organizations in the world. Some individuals who aware on the importance of securely destroy their sensitive documents may also have personal paper shredder at home. Nonetheless, there is no specific direction on how to keep the paper shredding machine clean. Keeping the cleanliness of a paper shredding machine is very easy. It is as easy as ABC. It only requires a few steps and will only consume less than thirty minutes of your time. As a result, it may prolong your paper shredding machine life time. Plus, it will keep our space clean and tidy all the time.

Before starting our cleaning steps, ensure that there is no paper jammed in the paper shredding machine. In case there is any paper stuck in the machine, we should first remove it out. DO NOT RIP OUT THE PAPER straight from the machine. Instead of tearing the paper off, we may use the reverse button in order to gently remove the stuck paper. This may avoid leaving unnecessary paper pieces in the blade of paper shredding machine. Other than that, using reverse button to remove paper jammed can also keep the blade quality and performance for the next use.

Acknowledging the importance and common usage of paper shredder, would like to share the most basic steps to get your machine clean. These five steps are easy to remember. It is practical and can be done by anyone who operates a paper shredding machine. It is also applicable in office or even home environment. This image shows the five magic steps to clean your paper shredding machine:

Five simple and easy cleaning steps for any type of paper shredding machine

Five simple and easy cleaning steps for any type of paper shredding machine

Shut Down Power Source

To ensure the safety of cleaning process for a paper shredder machine, ensure that all power sources connected to the machine to be shut down. Before doing so, ensure that the machine has been turned off properly. Some paper shredder enable sleeping mode in their machine. This may caused improper machine shut down. Though it might look like it does not affect the machine, the truth is, it does. The machine program may not ready to shut down. This somehow affects future performance of the machine.

Empty Dustbin

The usages of clear plastic for paper shredder bin are very helpful for this step. Plastic bag is totally necessary for micro paper shredder. This is because micro shredded papers really easy to fly away and messed up the space. Furthermore, it is annoying to see papers leftovers at the edge of your paper shredder bin. Emptying the dustbin in paper shredder is important in order to ensure that there would be no trash overload. Trash overload may cause reverse shredding and paper jammed. Empty dustbin in paper shredder is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process.

Clean Blade

Gently open the machine cap that covers the shredding blade. You may not want to mess around the space with any stuck paper pieces underneath the cap. Next, clean the blade teeth with clean brush. Avoid blowing your blade with your mouth. This is because watery environment can make the blade in any paper shredding machine to get rusty. The main objective of this step is to remove excessive paper piece that was stuck in between the blade teeth. You will be surprise on the next paper shredding performance due to this step.

Add Lubricant

There are several ways to add lubricant to your machine. Our previous entry on shredder blade maintenance has elaborated in detail on how to add lubricant to your machine. Though this is the most time consuming, it is very important to maintain and prolong the blade lifetime. We may apply lubricant directly using narrow hose bottle or indirectly using oiled papers. This is to ensure the smoothness of the paper shredding machine.

Dry Excessive Oil

Shred used papers to dry excessive oil from the oiled shredder blade. This step may be repeated a few times to guarantee the blade as really dry and ready for next shredding process.

Cleaning up your paper shredding machine is a must. The frequency of cleaning is depending on your usage and your machine performance. High volume usage on your paper shredding machine may need much more frequent cleaning process compared to personal usage. It is advisable for all of the members of an organization to have the knowledge on cleaning the paper shredding machine. It is to ensure that the machine was regularly cleaned by everyone who uses the machine. Ownership on the particular paper shredder should be within all employees who use the machine.