How To Deal With Coworkers In Office


If you would like to build your career and get satisfaction at the workplace, you will need to build good relationships with your employees. In order to build good working relationship, it is essential to listen to your coworkers, communicate with them in an open way and respect yourself. You will also need to show respect to your coworkers in their individual capacity. There are certain steps that you can take to create the positive relationship at the workplace.

Communicate in an effective manner

Solid communication is the foundation of any good relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating through phone, email or even the one-one-one communication; it is important to ensure that you communicate in an effective way. In order to have good relationships at the workplace, you will need to communicate honestly. You can do this by:

  • Choosing words carefully: Ensure that you are able to articulate your points and state what you do mean. This way, it is possible to avoid any confusion on the expectations or goals.
  • Listen in an active way: Communication is 2-way traffic. On top of articulating issues well, you will also need to be a good listener. You should show your workers that you are good in paying attention by asking the necessary follow up question on top of paraphrasing the right statements.
  • Appreciate diversity: You need to understand that we are all different. Every person that you are working with will bring in a different type of attribute at the workplace. Even though a coworker may not be the type that you were expecting, you can also try to focus on the positive characteristics that they have. For instance, instead of getting angry when a colleague doesn’t immediately reply to your email, you can also look at the positive that they are bringing to your team.

Show mutual respect and courtesy

Mutual respect requires that after showing respect for your colleagues, they also reciprocate by showing the same. You will need to look at the ways in which you can show the true value to the contribution of your colleagues at the workplace. This will show that you value them at the workplace. A good way of showing respect is by offering some positive affirmation. For instance you can tell them that you admire the way they remain calm while handling a dispute with a client.

Being courteous at the workplace will also go a long way in establishing good working relationship with your colleagues. When you meet your coworker at the hallway, remember to say hi with a friendly smile. Ensure that you make eye contact and refer to your colleagues by name. This way, you will be able to establish cooperation. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go kissing your colleagues or go out for coffee with everyone.

You should bear in mind that the office environment is more like having a roommate. You should not be the one to leave that hamburger in the fridge for a period of 2 weeks. If you have feet that will noticeably sweet, it can be a bad idea to wear sandals.

Respect your colleague’s time

Remember that each job is a service job. It doesn’t matter whether you are in marketing, administration, HR or IT, you will have something that others need. For instance, you could be the one who is responsible with signing of the purchase orders. If it is not an emergency, you have no reason to hover outside someone’s office until they finish talking on the phone or end their current conversation. It is advisable to go and come back later.

Likewise, you don’t have to hand people the work request while in the bathroom, kitchen, hall or even when outside your office. You should also engage in communication with your colleagues at those hours that are convenient for both parties. You don’t have to make your colleagues to dread meeting you at the grocery store.

Assist yourself

In case you require help with a certain question, check whether it is possible to get the answer by yourself. Even if you don’t get the complete answer, this will also be helpful as you will get respect for it. However, there are certain issues that you will need to leave to the professionals.

Use social media with caution


Before you start charting with your coworkers on social media, you will need to review your company’s policy. When interacting with your colleagues on social media, you will need to keep to the standard rules that apply in real life. For instance, you have no reason to post a photo of you when drunk on Facebook. A rule of thumb is to ensure that you keep any controversial hobbies and interest separate from your colleagues. Avoid sharing confidential information about the company on social media. Act as if your boss is personally following you and behave accordingly. It should also be your priority to maintain your job and the integrity and operation of that company. A good idea is to restrict the connections with your colleagues on social media. You should only leave Facebook for your friends in real life, neighbors and family.

Stay on the level

It is important for you to treat all people the same. There are moments when office politics are not only unavoidable but they can also be deadly and therefore you will need to avoid them as much as possible. Avoid gossiping or involving yourself with it as others do it. There are many occasions when conflict arises between employees as a result of whispering some rude things about the people they did not like. You might think that you are chatting through instant messaging and an emergency occur that causes you to leave your computer unattended.

Avoid venting about work at the workplace

There are those moments when you feel frustrated, angry or even just bored about your job. Unless you are a ice-cream taster or a critic for gourmet food, there are high chances that an occasion will arise when your job will be the source of stress. It is okay to gripe as long as you are doing this with your hubby or even a close relative. In other words, just keep this outside the walls of the company. If you must complain at the workplace, always do it using the best channel available. For instance, if you feel that you are overworked, why can’t you raise the issue in the next meeting in a polite manner?

Welcome new hire


When there are new hires, you do not have to act as if you belong to the network of old timers and the newcomers have come to spoil the party. You will also remember that you also had to go through your first day at work. One thing that you should bear in mind is that the new hire you are treating badly today might be the CEO in 5 years time.

Avoid blaming others

It is not possible to completely avoid mistakes. This can turn out to be disastrous especially in department such as IT. You will need to acknowledge the errors you have done. If they were done by a colleague, ask them to explain to the boss what happened.