Ergonomics Practices in Office Environments

Have you ever experience annoying back pain and headache due to long working hours at the office? And do you ever feel like your chair at the office is not suitable for your height or weight? These situations somehow easily ignored by most of employers and also employees. However, ensuring the safety and comfortable workplace will increase the organization performance and return of investment. The big question is in which way can we implement such safe and healthy workspace? Does it require high costing changed?

We can simply apply ergonomics concept in each of our working area. Ergonomics is no longer a jargon nowadays. Most of organizations in the world that is alert with the importance of maintaining safe and healthy working environment have already implemented this long time ago. Although this idea was introduced for quite some time, awareness on this concept somehow or rather not that much. Today, we in would like to share the concept of ergonomic and the implementation of this concept in real world.

Ergonomic Definition

Ergonomic can be defined as an applied science concept that specifically meant for enhancing the functionality of utilities used by people in their daily working routine. The main objective of this concept is to ensure that utilities used during work is safe. Therefore, these utilities can be used effectively. Effective utilities handling may leads to high production and performance of an employee. Thus, ergonomic concept does not only ensure the safety of employee, it also ensures high performance and good return of investment of employer.


Ergonomic concept can be designed and implement by giving some additional value to current used utilities.


There are hundreds of benefits for implementing ergonomic concept in our working area. Most of us spend eight or even more hours in our workplace. As a result, the safe environment should be sustained for long term use. Here are some points on the importance of in implementing ergonomic concept:

  • Avoid injuries: ergonomics ensure the utilities or tools used by workers to be safe and comfortable. By using the tools safely, it may avoid a lot of accident possibilities for workers.
  • Employer’s Health: long term health is very important for workers. Do you know that even desk workers are exposed to long term health issues if there is no ergonomics concept applied?
  • Longer the utilities life time: if the utilities were used in the right way which it supposed to, it will longer the utilities life time. Tools would not easily get broken if it was handled in the right way.
  • Great working environment: safe and healthy working environment creates great vibes among the people in that organization. Nevertheless, it would automatically make the production or performance to bust into its optimum level.

Effect of not Having Ergonomic Practice in Office


As explained in the picture above, non ergonomics practice may causes bad performance. Bad performance of an employee may cause these issues:

  • High costing in employee’s medical
  • Low or unachievable key performance target
  • High costing in repairing utilities and tools
  • Bad return of investment for the organization

Ergonomic Utilities

Ergonomics utilities are enhanced common tools used by workers. These tools were re-designed so that it is safer and much more comfortable for usage. Though, these tools must comply with certain criteria such as:

  • Ensure that employee’s body posture is right during using the tools
  • Enable good grip on tools
  • Ensure the weight for lifting tools does not exceeded the recommended weight
  • Work desk should have relaxed posture for employee

Other than that, employee who worked directly with computer is also recommended to rest their eyes by looking at other things every 30 minutes. This may avoid sore eyes or other long term health issues.

Although it is the employer’s responsibilities to provided or creates the ergonomic working environment, employees should also practice this concept continuously. With high awareness or internal campaign, ergonomic culture can stays in the company forever. Acknowledging the importance of applying ergonomics concept may benefit any organization in many ways. Other than that, it also directly benefits any individual worker in terms of sustaining their health condition in long term.