Frequently Asked Questions Shredder (FAQ)

1. How do I know which shredder category to choose?
2. Which brand is the best right now?
3. I want to buy a shredder with the reasonable price but I want it to have good security insurance. Which one I should buy?
4. What can I shred?
5. What should I do if my shredder won’t start?
6. What would I do if my shredder stopped unexpectedly?
7. How can I avoid jam?
8. How to clear a shredder jam?
9. What do I do if the shredder overheats?
10. How often do I need to empty the shredder?
11. How can I improve shredding performance?
12. The shredder runs but it doesn’t pull paper down. What do I do?
13. Do some shredders require special maintenance?
14. What maintenance does a shredder require?
15. How often should I lubricate and clean the shredder?
16. How to lubricate the shredder?
17. How to clean the shedder?
18. The shredder runs in “Reserve” but not in the “Auto/On” mode. What do I do?
19. Can I buy a good shredder with 100-200 dollars?
20. Shredder is constantly running while in the “Auto/On” mode?