How to Manage your Documents?


The first impression during entering a service company office that has tonnes of piled documents everywhere is really not convincing. Customers may easily annoy and feel that their data and information would be insecure under the company’s hand. However, messed piled of documents everywhere is a common issues faced by many offices. This somehow does not only ruin the workspace, it also makes the working process ineffective. It is simply because piled documents are not easy to be retrieved for future references. Since messed pile of documents may congest the office area and give a very uncomfortable working environment; here comes the concept of Document Management for a holistic solution towards this issue.

Document Management Definition

Document management can be defined as a concept to ensure the efficiency of any type of written data or information on a document starting from the storage up until the retrieval for future reference. Thus, there are thousands of researches has been made dedicated to proof this concept. As a result, there are a few established cycle for this particular concept. The cycle usually starts with creating documents, followed by reviewing and approving documents. It continues with distribution, categorized and also storage. Finally it will ends with archiving.

Though there were many other enhanced document management cycle, the one that was mentioned before were the basics. The presence of information technology nowadays has added the value of document management. Improvised document management concept was implemented in document management system. This system is widely used in order to manage electronic documents. Although there are still physical documents involve within the process, it ensure that all of the physical documents to be scanned and saved in electronic storages.

Benefit of Document Management

Having document management concept implemented in a certain organization benefits in many ways. This includes:


Managing Hard Copy Documents

Document management system ensures that all hard copy documents were scanned and stored in electronic storage. After scanning these documents, there are three possibilities for the documents. They are:

  1. Destroyed: documents were properly destroyed. Proper way to destroy hardcopy documents are by shredding them one by one. Shredding documents can make sure the data security remains in the highest level.
  2. Filed: document were kept in a save place. The challenge here is to have good filing system so that it is retrievable in the future.
  3. Archived: documents were stored in a safer place. Usually we use the archive to save up the working space. It is not possible for a company to keep all of their hard copied documents; unless they really have a big building.

Managing Desktop Documents

Having all documents created from a computer can create mess within one’s desktop. This is a challenge faced by all personal computer (PC) users. If there are no dedicated actions taken, there is a high possibility for data ‘lost’. Although the documents were all saved in the same device, the possibility for it to be irretrievable is high due to no systematic way in storing the documents. Due to this issue, is suggesting these two simple tips in managing desktop documents in the office:

  1. Categories: an effective folder management tip is to keep your document accordingly to easily known category. Folder should act like houses that keep the entire family of documents. Therefore, there should be an easily recognize address for it. In example, we first can categorize management document into 5 categories and within it can be many more subcategories. Here is an example for a finance folder:
  2. Alphabetical Orders: always sort your document in alphabetical orders. This can ease the findings and even ensure easier indexing on your device.

Managing documents are very important in all organizations. Company that has not implement document management concept will face big problems in the future. Other than bad management, the company can also loss valued customer. Managing documents may benefit us in many ways. Though this entry highlight the usage of document management concept in working area, it is somehow or rather be used in daily routine as well. Managed personal documents at home can ease all tax payers if there are any needs to retrieve receipts or even bills in the future.