How to pick the best paper shredder for your personal use

Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder

You may find this article helpful if you are looking for an individual shredder.

There are tons of brands on the market nowadays with all kinds of style, size and figure. Here are 5 basic rules for you when buying an individual shredder.

1. Price

Your information security must be safe but you don’t need to buy a too expensive shredder but don’t buy a cheap one. The reasonable price is good enough to use (about $200-400)

2. The power

Because this is spent for your personal use, you should choose a shredder destroying 4-8 pages per once. However, it’s also depends on the amount of documents you need to cancel.

3. Tank capacity

If you want to keep your secret documents at the safest mode, you should choose micro shredder (super mini fragmented shredder) – it can make your document into really small crumbs 2x10mm that cannot rearrange but throw them into garbage. Yet, fragmented shredders often take longer time to cancel than the fibred ones.

4. Size and figure

It depends on your need and your style to choose a shredder. Today, there are many shredders with small and convenient size for you to remove it easily and to save the area in your house or your office.

Besides, the most important parts of a shredder is its stability and blade design and material.

5. Warranty time and policy

A shredder structure is not complicated and you don’t need to protect it too carefully. Yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any accident when using it. They can happen at any time and for any reason such as: canceling too much paper at the same time, not lubricating it frequently… A good warranty policy will help you to avoid troublesome problems with your shredder when you own it.

In conclusion, with these useful tips, hopefully, you will have some good ideas when going shopping for a paper shredder that is suitable with your needs and budget. Good luck with it!