Paper Shredder: Do’s and Don’ts

Found yourself living in tones of past years bills and receipt? Multiple records that have been made throughout the years have finally shown a pretty bad mess in your small office area? Let us start our new year with shredding the old papers to organize our home. Paper shredding may let you to securely destroy all of these unused bills and receipt. A paper shredder for home usage would be very convenient for household. In fact, the petit size of a personal paper shredder has made this machine suitable to be a part of small or home office décor.

Having a paper shredder may ease us in many ways in terms of handling waste papers. However, there are always some tips and tricks in handling such machine. Paper shredding machine can sometimes become fragile if we do not handle them with care. We may want to avoid high-maintenance fees, or even worse expensive repairing fees for our personal paper shredder machine. Though there are many tips to maintain the health of our paper shredder machine, there are also some do’s and don’ts tips and tricks during the usage of a paper shredder machine. Here are the do’s and don’ts list in handling your paper shredding machine:

tableFurther elaboration were discussed in each subtopics below:

Paper Loads

Rule of the thumb is to know your paper shredder type. Different type of machine may require different numbers of paper shredded at a time. We may need to shred only advisable number of papers to avoid paper jammed. Overload number of papers shredded at one time may also affect the condition of the blade in paper shredder. The blade teeth might get blunt easily. Though we may also maintain our blade by adding oil, lubricant or even shredding wax papers; we must also be careful not to overload the machine with unnecessary numbers of papers at one time.

teethThe blades in paper shredder are the most important part of the machine. Therefore, it is important for us to avoid ruining the blade during paper shredding processes.

The Little Monsters

Little monsters such as paperclips, staples and even coins may damage your paper shredding machine. For personal usage paper shredder machine, it is advisable to remove all staples before shredding papers. Ensure that you are shredding only papers. Nevertheless, it is compulsory for users to remove paper clips, coins, binding clips and also hard cover papers for personal usage paper shredder. These little monsters may get stuck between blade teeth and jammed the machine. On the worst case scenario, huge damage is done within the blade that makes the paper shredding machine unusable or bad in performance.

Clean Up

Keeping the hygiene during handling a paper shredder machine is highly recommended. Ensure that you have dry and clean hands before handling the machine. This could avoid any superfluous electric shock or even electric tripped within the machine. This can also ensure the safety during paper shredding process. Keeping the machine hygiene is also a must. We have to clean our machine after use. Empty the shredder bin for future use. Furthermore, use clear plastic bags for paper shredder bin to ease shredded paper removal after usage.

Avoid Accidents

Do you love to have your coffee during your work? It is advised not to have them during shredding your papers. Accident may happened and trust me, you really do not want your coffee drinks to spill in the paper shredding machine. Do not spill water onto the machine. This may caused damage to it. Spilling water may cause short circuit within the machine. Machine blade can easily get rusty if it is exposed to water or even watery environment. Therefore, spilling water on your paper shredding machine is totally a very bad idea.

Stay Calm

Often faced paper jammed during paper shredding process? This is the most common situation faced by paper shredder users. However, do not pull or rip off the stuck paper jammed directly from the machine. This may somehow ruined your blade and also some papers may be tarred off and stuck in the blade teeth. This may affect your machine performance in the future. Other than that, do not leave the cap lift open and expose your blade. Watery environment may get the blade rusty in a short period of time.

In conclusion, we should operate our paper shredder machine with care. Though handling a paper shedding machine seems to be simple, it may turns out to be a disaster once it was misused. High costing in unnecessary service and maintenance can be avoid by following the ethics in operating the paper shredding machine.