Shredder Blade Maintenance

Paper shredding is very important for all organization that handles sensitive documents. These sensitive documents need to be secure properly in order to avoid misused of information by irresponsible party. Thus there is a need to destroy these documents, it is necessary for organization to use paper shredder. It is required by law in certain countries for an organization to use paper shredder or paper shredding services in order to destroy all of their classified documents. Paper shredder main function is to eliminate documents and make them irretrievable again for any fraud use.

Thus the importance of paper shredding machine is crucial; the usage of the machine is very high. Thousands of secured documents shredded in a period of time. In some cases, paper shredder also used to shred non paper item such as stapled papers and also plastic covers. As a result, without any proper maintenance, it is easy for the machine to breakdown. The most common issue in paper shredding is paper jammed. This caused by un-maintained shredding blade. The most important part of a paper shredding machine is the blade itself. The teeth need to remain sharp to avoid paper jammed.

The famous and easiest way to maintain the shredder blade is by oiling it with lubricant for paper shredder. There are many types of paper shredder lubricant in the market nowadays. There are typed that were bottled with extension narrow nozzle for direct oiling to the blade. There were also economy packed large bottled of lubricant, commonly used for many paper shredding machine. It may be used directly or indirectly to the blade. Here is the step by step on how to oil the blade in a paper shredding machine.

lubricantEconomy bottled paper shredder lubricant.

Direct Oiling Method

This method is done by directly applies oils or lubricant to blade. This method ensure the cleanliness and the smoothly operate paper shredder. It includes the steps to clean the blade teeth directly. Although direct oiling method may get messy, it is the most effective way to clean and maintain blade in paper shredder.

  1. Shut down all plugs or any power source that was connected directly to the paper shredding machine.
  2. Open the paper shredder cap that covers the blade.
  3. Clean up excessive papers between blade teeth using a clean brush.
  4. Oil the blade directly. It is advisable to use narrow nozzle extension for oiling directly.
  5. Spread the oil or lubricant evenly using a clean brush.
  6. Close the shredder cover and start the power source.
  7. Switch on the paper shredder and shred two to three papers to absorb the excessive lubricants for cleaner usage in the future.

Indirect Oiling Method

This method is done by using oiled papers; instead of directly apply the lubricant to the blade. Therefore, this method is much more tidy and easy compared to direct oiling method. It is also faster and achieves the main objective, to oil the blade in paper shredder.

  1. Soaked a paper in a thin layered oil or paper shredder lubricant. Ensure that it is not too oily and not too dry.
  2. Repeat step one for another three papers.
  3. Switch on the paper shredding machine.
  4. Shred the all four oily papers in the shredder. Make sure that all parts of the shredder teeth get to shred the oily papers.
  5. Shred a dry paper at the end of the process to ensure clean shredding process in the future.

Other than oiling or adding lubricant, shredding waxed papers is also one of the ways to keep your blade healthy. Waxed papers or known as paraffin papers were widely sold in the market. These papers were used to cook, store foods, and even used to become cake layer to absorb excessive oil. These papers can also be used to keep your shredder smooth. However, it may require frequent maintenance using waxed papers thus this made this step is much more expensive. Nevertheless, the steps to use waxed papers are very easy. Here are two simple steps to use wax paper in order to maintain your paper shredder blade:

  1. Switch on your paper shredding machine
  2. Shred the wax paper.

Maintenance services for your paper shredding machine and the blade inside them may prolonged the machine lifetime. Without proper maintenance, it is easy for the machine to stop working and giving high probability for paper jammed. There should be a scheduled maintenance services for all paper shredding machine. The repeated time of maintenance depends on type of oiling, numbers of shredder papers per week and also type of paper shredding machine. The higher number it is, more frequent maintenance needed.