Tips for paper shredding

To keep your house safety, deadbolts, alarms and even guard dogs are not enough. People are often forgeting about how much important information they throw into the trash every day. For instant, strange people are willing to toss in the mail, old bill statements or packages every day to find small pieces of your sensitive information.

Based on this habit, thieves are more likely to get your credit card numbers, account information or the security number from mail and personal data. Therefore, when having a paper shredder, the family can reduce the risk of getting identity thief and stranger outside the house.

Identity theft concept, shredding personal information

This article will suggest different features related to paper shredder and what you can do with it.

What to shred?

This machine can handle different types of documents which were printed on papers. For example, everybody has a pre-approved credit cards, loans, internet access and so on. When someone has one of your bills, they will know more about the telephone number, alternate address information or the driver’s license information. Each of these information should be cut out to protect the security of everybody.

For people who work far from home or they have their own business, they will have a diversity of sensitive information such as personal files, invoices and statements. Shredding out the information not only protects both the client and family, but the business owners as well.

Different types of shredder

There are various types of shredder with different features and level of security include

  • STRIP-CUT: this is the most common paper shredder. It can cut slices of paper into one-half.
  • CROSS-CUT: (it is also known as the confetti-cut shredder). This type of model can handle paper horizontally and vertically into small pieces. This shredder is more convenient because it lowers the amount of paper so that you do not need to empty the bin regularly.

Selecting a paper shredder

When choosing a paper shredder for your own, it is better to check different features of this machine. It is recommended that you should buy a large shredder in order to avoid the maintenance cost after using for a long period of time.

Usually, one small paper shredder can handle up to fifty sheets of paper in a row so it is one of the benefits of personal information. If you are running a business at home, you will definitely want to shred a large number of things include client information and invoices. We suggest that you should buy a paper shredder with high capacity so that your work will function smoothly.

On the other hand, most models come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.

  • Handheld model: it can shred approximately one or two sheet in a row. However, they are just suitable for people who live alone or single family.
  • Large model: it is larger and equipped with a high-quality bin.

Solution for jammed paper Shredder

If your house has children and pets, remember to unplug these machines when they are not in use to keep your house safe all the time. In addition, oiling regularly to reduce the dust on the blades so that you won’t have any jam problems.

Enhance the security

When having perseverance, people will find it easier to recover documents which have been shredded. There are two ways to make strangers discourage when intending to recover your sensitive information. First, mix the paper with other trash like wet and greasy materials before discarding. Second, you can use the papers which have been shredded to make bedding for pets. That’s a great idea, right?

The identity thief is the most common problem which affects a large number of people every year. Strangers can recover the information such as credit cards, invoices and receipts and leave the person who own an account a huge loan. You can pick up one appropriate shredder in different styles and sizes and utilize all of its features.

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Nathan Johnson says Feb, 2016

My parents own a small business. They usually only keep records of projects going back for 5 years. However, they have fallen behind and now have boxes and boxes of sensitive information. I think I need to upgrade our paper shredder to tackle this job. Thanks for the ideas!

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