Tips in Reducing your Mobile Data Usage

We are now living in the internet era whereby almost all transactions were done online. From business to marketing, to shopping and selling; all of these are possible without any physical connection. Due to this condition, it is a necessity for all devices to be attached with internet connection. These include the mobile phone. The existence of smart phones has made all information are in the fingertips of its users. High percentage of web traffic caused by mobile phone users has proven that there are a big number of mobile data subscribers all around the world.

Acknowledging the high number of internet usage for mobile phone users, all telcos has comes out with their own data package prices. The price for each gigabyte (GB) is very high. However, in the real world nowadays, 1GB of internet data is not sufficient for a single mobile phone user. As a result, there would be more additional of data packages needed for a single user per month. As a result of high data usage and high cost for each data packages, all mobile phone users should know the tips to reduce their mobile data usage. Here are some tips in reducing mobile data usage:

Update Setting

All types of smart phone will require software updates. Other than operating system (OS) updates, we also have the application updates from time to time. These updates enable us to use the latest and enhanced product version in the future. The failure to do so may make our device to be incompatible to some software of applications. Nevertheless, these updates may strain out your data usage. Each update may consist of hundreds to thousands bytes of data. With 1GB of data package, it is impossible to keep on browsing and updating at the same time.

It is advisable for all smart phone users to change their update setting to download and install updates only during wifi internet connection. Wifi may be free if you are connecting it from public area. Plus, it is much cheaper to have wifi connection in home with flat rate charges compared to data packages plan with your mobile phones. Therefore, it is necessary for all mobile phone users to update their phones only with wifi connection. This will make your 1GB data package to last much more longer.

routerUsing the wifi connection may save up to 50% of daily data usage for all mobile users.

Video Streaming

Although video streaming can be fun, it can cause you high spending in your data package usage. Almost all social media included video as one of shared media for public. But streaming video from your mobile phone using data plan is not really a good idea. A short video can consume 350MB to 400MB each. Controlling your video streaming may help a lot in saving your mobile data usage. For busy mobile phone users who use or browse a lot on public transport such as the train or bus, it is suggested to download desired videos during wifi connection, and play it later.

Auto Download Setting

Auto download setting is a setting that we have in most social media application especially that has active conversation or chat room in it. Application such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, and Messenger enable us to share other media as well. Media such as video, images, and also voice recordings are easily shared using these applications. Most of these applications have default setting to auto download during receiving all of these media on your device. This will not only burst storage in your mobile phone, it will also consume high volume of your data packages. Therefore, change the auto download setting in all of your application.

Check Data Usage

Check your data usage regularly. This may ensure that you may do your budget on your internet browsing. All telcos has their own way to show the balance of data usage for each mobile phone users. Keep your self update and ensure that there is no abnormal increment for your data usage. This is to ensure that you have not got any spam or unnecessary updates installed on your device. These viruses can also contain many bytes of updates within it. Data transfer through these unwanted applications may stress out your data usage.


These four mobile data usage saving tips may enhance our mobile internet usage by saving up to 50% of daily internet usage.