Top Reasons Every Office Needs a Paper Shredder

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What do you do if you’re printing an important document, but it turns out to be a bad printout? Most likely you’ll just drop the paper in the trash can. Mind you, this is not the proper way of disposing documents because it’s too risky for your business and it can also cost you more. Knowing the top reasons of using paper shredder will give you the best reasons your office should invest in having this machine.

  1. It protects personal information – If you’re running a business you should consider keeping the important and personal information of your clients and employees confidential. The competition in the business world is very tough and a simple leak of pertinent data can cause headache or worse irreparable damage. Safeguarding sensitive data is a reflection of the business itself.
  1. Abiding with the industry and federal regulations – There are specific regulations governing the protection of personal data and other important information. In the business industry, proper destruction or disposal of printed sensitive data is required by law. This is simple security measure that every company should practice.
  1. Reducing bad effect to the environment – Over a million pieces of papers are being used every day, and it means huge wastage that ends up in landfill. This can greatly impact the environment. However, using paper shredder can reduce the environmental risk because the shredded paper is manufactured into other useful items like boxes, kitchen rolls, packing materials, tiny cups and muffin tins.
  1. Lessening storage costs – Keeping records in a storage facility can cost considerable amount of money and the cost will add up annually. Shredding will save money and you can just store documents that are definitely critical to your business.
  1. De-clutter office space – Piling outdated documents can make your office space cluttered. The documents stored on boxes can gather dust that can cause health issues to the people working in your office. Considering shredding can free up the workspace and can make it more organized.
  1. Avoiding bin raiding – Disposing pertinent documents in the trash bin poses security risks to your business, but this can be avoided by using paper shredder instead of just crumpling paper and throwing it in the trash can.
  2. Preventing identity theft – Using paper shredder helps prevent identity theft and leak of confidential data of a company. Older or obsolete documents and other financial statements should be properly disposed through shredding.
  1. Avoid financial penalties – FTC or the Federal Trade Commission is an authority that regulates and requires the protection of pertinent data among businesses. They impose penalties to companies that don’t abide the regulations such as disposing securely paper documents. Strict implementation of shredding policies can spare you from financial jeopardy.
  1. Obtaining peace of mind – Proper disposal of business documents and other data gives you peace of mind. You can ensure that no one will know important information about your business and your clients.

Investing in paper shredder is the perfect way to protect your reputation and brand. Otherwise, failure to perform proper destruction of documents can lead to more painful implications–not to mention the penalties that your business may encounter. Likewise, a simple leak of critical data can cause severe damage to your reputation and brand. However, there should be proper documentation once you dispose documents through shredding. You should request for a certificate of disposal or destruction that you can use if ever auditors would ask documents that were already disposed. This means that you should also implement and follow appropriate disposal policies that comply with both compliance and financial perspectives.

Stack Of Papers

Stack Of Papers

In implementing shredding policy, it’s also important to consider optimizing the program, making it cost-effective. This is essential especially if you’re paying service provider to the job for you. It’s necessary to set a schedule so that you can save from paying the service or the cost per-container price. Following systematic schedule of the frequency of service and number of containers should be monitored.

To make the policy for proper disposal of documents effectively implemented, it should be disseminated for the compliance of everybody within the organization. You should emphasize the importance and value of such policy not only for the welfare of the business but also for the security of personal information of the employees. Shredding is also the easiest way to participate in green revolution because it’s one way of recycling.

Indeed, a paper shredder is a must-have to every business or organization to comply with the security initiatives. After all, your business will be the one to enjoy the benefits of proper disposal of documents. It may cost you big amount of money, but it can be cost-effective in the long run. Would you let your business be compromised by not disposing or destructing pertinent documents? Of course, not.


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