Why do I need a paper shredder?


Shredders today are indispensable devices in offices, companies but to families it is still a unfamiliar thing. These are 5 reasons explaining why you should buy a paper shredder.

1. Identify thief

There are 9 million people being stolen identifies with 50 billion dollars every year in the U.S only. Criminals keep developing this action more complex and sophisticated. Then how can we limit this? Shredders are proved to be the best way to do prevent thieves from stealing people’ identifies.

2. Stolen credit cards

Credit card number and even the password can be stolen from documents in the waste basket and pieces of paper can be rearranged easily. Many thieves often come to personal bins or prisons to search for information. Shredder helps you not to let this happen.

3. New laws

Requirement to destroy all staff’s personal information, even you are only a normal worker. You may be sued if you don’t obey information security laws. And a good citizen always obeys the law.

4. Environment

Environment is the greatest issue of all human beings. You can turn the shredder into a useful waste basket. In fact, it can help our environment based on its helpful functions. And you should save your environment as well.

5. Protect your family

A family shredder with many functions such as destroying paper, CDs, USB will surely make your house tidier and cleaner and to protect your family information security.

In conclusion, everyone needs a shredder to protect your family, our environment, obey laws and many other uses.

With 5 above-mentioned reasons, it is the best idea for you to buy a paper shredder. Once buying it, you will never feel regretful with your decision. Now, it is time to have one!